Tips on Moving Office to Save Energy

Tips on Moving Office to Save Energy

If you are getting bored with the office atmosphere or your office has too many employees, moving to a new office is the right solution. You can choose a new office with a larger size so that it can accommodate many employees. Although moving to a new office is exciting, some people are lazy to go through the tiring process. here are tips for moving office smoothly without wasting too much energy and time:

1. Mature Planning

Before deciding to move offices, think of the reason you moved. Don’t forget to determine the location of the new office, the area required, the need for goods, and the moving process. To keep your work hours uninterrupted, pack your goods at night or at work.

Choose someone as the person in charge of moving offices. Usually, the person in charge is taken from the general manager or part of the HRD department. If the person in charge is elected, he or she must coordinate the entire department in the moving agenda.

2. New Office Design

A new office design is needed to maximize the function of each room in the new office. In addition, with the new office design, you can consider the location and position of furniture and the number of employees that will fill the room. don’t forget to leave one room as a storage area for unused items  (warehouse)

3. Organizing the Team

To make the office move process more effective, form a committee. It is recommended that each department has at least one person who is in charge. This one person will also be responsible for ensuring the flow of goods in and out of his/her department.

4. Freight Services

The last tip is to use freight services. Entrust the process of moving goods from the old office to the new office with the vendor. Usually, freight service vendors have adequate materials such as cardboard and bubble packs. By using a vendor, the process of moving goods will be faster. You can use the services of moving goods from the company Rhenuz Lupprians. This company can also perform various other services such as network installation, server installation, managed asset recovery services, access control installation, and others.