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OPPO Indonesia again presents a new device in the A-Series line by introducing the OPPO A91 online. Still presenting the distinct advantages of the A-series, the OPPO A91 is supported by a 48MP Quad Quad camera and comes in a stylish design.

“A series line has been known as a smartphone device that comes by combining the latest technology and trends. This device technology comes through 48MP Quadcam which can give young people the freedom to free expression through the social media content they create. Photography creativity comes through the four cameras that provide freedom of perspective. Meanwhile, the latest trends can be seen through the thin design of the device with a choice of colors that make it look stylish, “said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Best Photography Performance in its Class

OPPO enhances the mobile photography experience in the A-series. By pinning a 48MP Quad cam, Ultra-wide angle, Mono lens, and Macro lens, the A91 can meet all the photography needs of young people as its target. The 48MP sensor can present sharper images without losing detail. Ultra-wide angle camera, Macro Lens which has a minimum focus distance of 3cm and a Mono lens that provides black and white images to appear more artistic, presenting photographic freedom on smartphones. A91 also features a Night portrait mode, which produces sharp photos with details awake, in low light or night conditions. This device also features a Portrait HDR feature that makes photos appear more attractive with a bokeh effect on the background.