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Nowadays the internet has become an inseparable part of human life. Almost all aspects of life are related to the internet. An example is communicating and interacting with social media, then seeking knowledge by browsing, streaming and downloading.

To meet the increasing need for internet access, we must have fast and stable internet access. There are many ways to get a quality internet connection, and one way is to install WiFi at home.

One reason to install WiFi at home is so that all family members can access the internet easily. If calculated, the costs incurred are far cheaper than we buy data packages from cellular operators.
By installing WiFi at home, you can save money on buying data packages. Especially if you have small children who like watching YouTube, of course, the data package issued is much larger. Now by installing WiFi at home, then we can get unlimited internet packages.

How to install WiFi at home also varies, ranging from daily packages to monthly packages. We ourselves prefer a monthly package because on average, an unlimited quota is given. As for the daily package, the truth is that it still uses internet packages from cellular providers that have quota restrictions.

Currently, how to install Wifi at home does not require a landline, so those who live in remote areas and far from the telephone network can install it. So for those of you who don’t know how to install Wifi at home without a landline

  1. Using MiFi (WiFi Modem)
  2. Using a USB Router
  3. Install WiFi
  4. Using an Internet Tower