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There are very many Xiaomi smartphone users in the WORLD. So many, Xiaomi made it into the top 5 best-selling smartphones in Indonesia. Sometimes Xiaomi cellphone users also want to move from one series to another when the latest series comes out.

For those of you who want to replace a new Xiaomi cellphone and sell an old cellphone, then the first step that must be done is to delete the Google account. This is very important so that data stored in Google accounts can be deleted. If the account still exists, other people can access the data.

You need to know, that Google accounts to store a variety of important data that is automatically synchronized to all Google services installed on Xiaomi phones, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, Youtube, Contact, Calendar, etc. So that data is completely lost from the smartphone, then we must delete it.
Google accounts deleted from Xiaomi phones can be used again on new phones. So no need to worry that important data will be lost. How to delete a Google account on Xiaomi is also very easy. But for those who don’t know how to, please refer to the following information.

How to Delete a Google Account on Xiaomi

How to delete a Google account on Xiaomi that uses MIUI 10 and MIUI 11 is a little different. The difference only lies in the name of the menu. But overall the method is almost the same. Now for more details, please refer to the following information.

The first step to delete a Google account on Xiaomi Mobile is to open the Settings or Settings menu.

How to Delete a Google Account on Xiaomi.

After that scroll down, and choose the Account & Sync menu. But for those who still use MIUI 10, the menu reads ” Sync “How to Detele Google Accounts on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

On the Account & Sync menu, there will be several account options that have previously been logged into the smartphone. Now on this menu, you have to choose Google.
If there are several Google accounts on Xiaomi phones, then we can choose one of them to delete. However, if there is only one account, it will automatically enter the Account settings.

Then to delete the account, the method is to tap the ” Other ” button at the bottom. Delete Google Account on Xiaomi
Then select ” Delete Account “.Delete Google Account on Xiaomi Smartphone
Then a warning will appear that deleting the account will also delete messages, contacts, other data. If you are sure, please click Delete Account or Remove Account
It only takes a few steps to delete a Google account on Xiaomi. Maybe some people think that the account deleted from the device will immediately disappear and can not be used anymore. When in fact the account is not permanently deleted and can still be used on other devices.