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Using earphones to listen to music from a smartphone or music player device is very fun. Earphones and music can be a solution to get rid of boredom when traveling, when exercising, or when you feel bored working in the office.

However, there are things you should pay attention to in order to be safe and comfortable to wear earphones. 1. Use the earphones correctly. Pay attention when using earphones. The maximum listening earphones is 60 minutes per day with a volume of 60 percent of the maximum volume.

Prolonged listening with earphones can damage the ear. If possible, if listening to music while at home or driving a car, you should switch to the speaker. In addition, when sleeping you should remove the earphones from the ear so that the brain can get maximum rest.

When a computer is attacked by a virus, its performance will surely decrease drastically and strange symptoms appear that make us wonder and believe that there is a problem happening with our computer. Of course, anyone doesn’t want their computer to be infected with a virus.

Therefore, an antivirus program is installed. But not always the antivirus can secure our computers from the threat of viruses, malware, and so on, there must be a moment where the computer will be affected. And when it has been exposed to a virus, a sign will appear. What are the signs?

Crash is one of them. Applications close by themselves or crash are common things that happen on a computer. Positive thinking , maybe the application being opened has a problem or your computer has done many processes that make an application forced to crash . Negative thinking , there is a possibility that this is a virus.