You Can Use These Types Of Glues To Install Your Shower Panels

PVC shower panel is popular decorative materials that have found their purpose in finishing various surfaces. Beautiful thanks for technical specifications (improved water resistance, ice resistance, resistance to mechanical damage, ultraviolet light) often used in the design of walls in bathrooms, bathrooms, and saunas, as well as in the outer layers of wooden and brick houses. However, before you install the PVC shower panel, there are several choices of glue to install the shower panels that you need to know, such as:

Choosing which glue to attach to a plastic panel, it is better to give preference to compositions developed specifically for this material (for example, meter fix glue). In this case, you can be absolutely sure of the high quality of gluing. However, in addition to the mix with a narrow focus, there are also universal ways, of which the most popular are:

“Emiko 34012A” – a colorless substance that has a high resistance to moisture;

“Crystal Moment” – very resistant to temperature fluctuations and high humidity, allowing for good adhesion of polyvinyl chloride to various surfaces;

Kleiberit 536 – glue, which consists of synthetic resin. Quickly regulates and is considered fully safe for the human body;

Liquid nails – are the most flexible adhesive products. Depending on the brand one composition can only be used for interior work, the other – both internal and external, and the third one will be perfect for mounting PVC plates in rooms with high humidity.

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