You Can Do These Tips When You Paint Your Car By Yourself

Of course, for the appearance of the body color to shine again it is necessary to repaint the car. It’s just that, in general, painting cars is done by experts who have been professionals in their fields. However, if studied properly, ordinary people can also paint the car properly and perfect results. Additionally, you can also call the best auto detailing oceanside to help you paint your car professionally.

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Therefore, this time we provide tips for you on how to paint a car and practice it directly on your vehicle.

Here are the tips for you:

Before painting, it is better to pay attention to the following:

1. Sand the parts to be painted evenly. Choose sandpaper with a size of 1500.

2. Wash with clean water on the part you want to paint, then dry it with a cloth. Let it sit in the sun until the water is completely dry.

3. Prepare Epoxy then spray on the part to be painted.

4. Rub the surface of the car with sandpaper measuring 2000. Do it until the surface is flat.

5. Wash the part of the car that has been sanded and dry it. Use a soft cloth like cotton cloth to clean the car.

6. In order for the painting to look good and perfect, you should use white or gray to start the basic painting. Do it in an open area so that sunlight can directly hit the car.

7. Wait for approximately two hours until the primer becomes dry and sandpaper again for maximum results. For sanding, you can do it thinly so that the base color of the paint becomes evener.

Next, follow the steps as follows:

1. Mix paint using thinner. Don’t get too thin or thick.

2. If the type of paint used is thick, it is better to mix paint and thinner 1: 2 or 1 liter for paint and 2 liters for thinning.

3. If the steps above have been completed, the painting process can begin. In the painting process, you should do one spot of paint to avoid paint that is too thick.

Do painting evenly and don’t jump around.

4. When the painting has finished, do the drying until the paint is completely dry.

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