The Use Of Cannabis For Pet’s Medicine Is Still Controversial

Veterinarians in the US are starting to suggest marijuana as palliative therapy for pets that are seriously ill. However, marijuana is still not fully legalized in many countries including Germany. Many pet owners are willing to take extreme steps when dealing with their pets, especially if the animal is seriously ill. Veterinarians now recommend giving marijuana and cbd oil dogs as a drug to Sick animals to alleviate the suffering of these animals.

Free of pain

Veterinarian Doug Kramer, who has a practice in Los Angeles, is one of the pioneers of palliative therapy with marijuana for pets: “I feel helpless if I directly inject dead animals without doing anything that can improve their living conditions.”

Cannabis as a medicine has not been fully legalized

Kramer gave marijuana to his own pet dog who was seriously ill and certainly would not live long. After undergoing cannabis therapy, Kramer’s dog began to want to eat again, his weight increased and he could move slowly.

Six weeks later, Kramer still had to do euthanasia. He argues, indeed marijuana does not cure, but can free the animal from pain and the last days can be passed better.

Since openly supporting palliative therapy with marijuana for animals, Kramer has not lost patients in his practice. However, he was asked not to return to work at the veterinary clinic where he worked voluntarily. They worry that the clinic will have a negative image.

This Needs More Deep Research

There are still many who suggest being careful in marijuana experiments with animals so that there is more complete research that supports this step. Veterinarians who want a traditional trial first refer to the study of two animal hospitals in Colorado.

Since permitting the use of marijuana as a drug was passed there, the number of animals being hospitalized due to overdose is four times more. The Colorado survey results also recorded the deaths of two dogs because of excessive marijuana levels in the body.

In addition, another study in California says that hallucinogenic reactions in dogs include weak feet, increased heart rate, and urine dripping. However, some marijuana clinic managers insist, appropriate doses of marijuana can prevent a bad reaction.

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