These Are Things You Should Know About Plastic Surgery

If you have a birth defect or certain disease or have experienced burns, trauma, or injuries that cause one part of your body not to function properly, or if you want one part of your body to look more attractive, then that’s the right time to see a plastic surgeon. We also recommend you to visit Dr William Portuese if you live near Seattle. For your safety and the best results, it is important that you meet a certified specialist and have worked in the field in the hospital for five to seven years. Doctors must be postgraduate graduates in general surgery and two years of experience in the field of plastic surgery to get permission to take plastic surgery. In addition, they also have to go through additional training to be able to carry out surgical procedures in accordance with aesthetic values. Cosmetic surgery training can also be provided by doctors who have a background in medicine in addition to plastic surgery.

Advantages of Plastic Surgery

The advantages of plastic surgery can be classified into two main groups: the benefits of repair (reconstructive) and beauty (aesthetics). Those who benefit from this process include:

Those who have congenital abnormalities such as webbed fingers, birthmarks, and cleft lip.

Those who have burns or other serious injuries caused by accidents or natural disasters.

Those who suffer from serious diseases and must undergo surgical removals, such as removal of cancerous tumors from the breast or face.

Those who want to increase self-confidence by improving their body balance and beauty.

Plastic Surgery vs. Beauty Surgery

Plastic surgery is far different from cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is an act of repair and reconstruction of common defects of the face and body caused by birth defects, burns, trauma, and disease. Beauty surgery, on the other hand, is a special branch of plastic surgery that is only done to beautify the appearance of the patient, including making the patient’s face and body symmetrical, proportional and attractive even though the part of the body being dissected does not have any abnormalities or damage at all.