Can Muscles Change to Fat?

For those who diligently do sports or bodybuilding in the gym, there is a myth where the muscles that have previously been formed because the sport will turn into fat if we do not exercise again. Is this myth true? The answer is no. Health experts say if the muscle will not turn into fat. Muscles that are trained because they diligently do sports will certainly experience enlargement because exercise can provide continuous work stimulation. You can visit and use our product to gain muscle.

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For example, if you are diligent about lifting weights every day, then the muscles in your arms and shoulders become bigger and stronger over time. When you stop exercising, the muscles no longer experience work stimulation so there is no more enlargement or strengthening in the muscles. Muscle size tends to shrink so that the body no longer looks tight, but becomes softer.

Those who stop exercising for long periods of time can indeed find their bodies becoming softer and have more fat content. However, the increase in fat content is not from muscle but because of poor diet.