You May Not Make These Painting Mistakes

Not everyone has the skills to paint walls. For those who are used to painting walls, this is not a problem. For ordinary people, maybe the results obtained are not as neat as if painted by a handyman. You can hire house painting singapore if you expect the best result of painting. However, you also have the choice to do a DIY painting job. If you want to paint the wall, you should avoid the following seven errors so that the results are satisfactory :

Incorrect Color Choosing

The color chosen turns out to be incompatible when the wall has been painted. For neutral colors, you should use white.

Stain the Ceiling

For example, you want the ceiling color to remain white. Then the wall is yellow. When painting the wall with a roller, you push too up, so that the ceiling is exposed to the yellow paint.

Roller Touching the Floor

For those who are just starting to paint, sometimes the rollers are placed on the floor, just starting to paint. Actually, this is not right, because dirt on the floor, like hair and dust, can stick on the roller without realizing it. This can worsen the color results on the wall.

Less Lighting

Avoid painting the surface of the interior with low light. A painted surface may look good at first. But when opening a window and being exposed to sunlight or turning on a light, the results were not satisfactory.

Closing Furniture

You may not forget to cover the furniture around you, such as chairs, tables, and other valuables with newspapers or other coverings so as not to splatter paint.

Repeated painting

In order to obtain smooth results, you should avoid repeating repeatedly. Paint the same area, especially after the paint starts to dry, it will leave a smear. In addition to getting imperfect results, repetitive painting also wastes time, cost, and energy.