These Are Tips To Maintain Your Car’s Wipers Well

Apart from consisting of an iron frame, the wiper also has parts made of rubber material. This part has a function to block rainwater from covering the windshield. So that the part is maintained, don’t park your car too often in a very hot place. The heat of the sun will be absorbed by the windshield and impact the rubber wipers. If the car is constantly exposed to heat, the rubber will dry out more quickly and break. Therefore, when you park your car in the middle of hot weather, it is better to prop up or lift the wiper during abandonment. This can prevent heat from the glass directly from the rubber. Aside from that, we also recommend you to hire royal1 mobile detailing to maximize the maintenance of your cars.

Be Careful when You Wash Your Car’s Wipers

When washing the car, the wipers are usually not overlooked for cleaning. It turns out you have to be careful when rinsing the rubber part because on the surface of the rubber wiper there is a special liquid that functions as a protector and moisturizer.

How to wash and maintain the right wipers is, do not rinse the rubber wipers with car wash soap. Simply flush with clean water and do not wipe the rubber surface. Let the water dry itself by holding the wiper after washing.

Check the Wiper’s Axle Condition

Besides the rubber part, you also need to pay attention to the wiper shaft. Give lubricant to the wiper shaft periodically to prevent wear. This is done so that the wiper rotation to sweep water and dirt on the glass during the rainy season is not hampered.

Fill Wiper Liquid

Inside the engine room, there is a special tank for windshield cleaning fluid, which is generally filled with ordinary water. It’s good if you fill the tank with a special cleaning liquid added with water.

Car glass cleaning fluid usually has a content that makes the windshield slippery. The potential for wiping the work of the wiper due to the tight glass surface becomes minimal. Not only makes the wiper not easily damaged, but this liquid can also make the glass protected from scratches wipers.