You Must Know These Before You Install A New Door Lock

The key is part of the door that has a very important role. The existence of the key allows the door to be closed tightly. It can be difficult to open. You can also feel calm while you leave your house. You can call 24 hour locksmith if you need to install a new lock in the midnight.

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The wide variety of door locks available today will certainly make it easier for us to determine which key best suits our needs. Starting from the key that has the quality as it is, up to keys that are priced at above-average prices can also be found easily on the market. It is common knowledge that prices determine quality.

First, you must determine the position where the key will be installed on the door. According to the posture of most people, door locks are usually installed at an altitude of about 90-100 cm. Don’t forget to make sure this position also allows the key hook section to reach the keyhole on the frame.

After that, you mark the position using the pencil clearly. You should try to make the mark follow the shape of the key ring so you can more easily break into the door later. You must also make a sign also on the frame as a place to make a key hook hole with a parallel position to the location of the door to be installed.

To puncture the door as a place to install locks, you can use wooden chisels measuring 1 and 2 inches. You should squeeze the layer of wood exactly at the mark that has been made beforehand slowly. After the key mounting hole has been made, then you make a lock for the hook on the frame according to the predetermined position.

It’s time to install the lock on the door. You may try it several times to make sure the key can function properly. You must also check whether the key can really be hooked to the hole in the frame.