Here Are Speaking Tips When You Take B1 English Test

Do you plan to get a UK Visa or UK citizenship? Many people like the UK and they settle there. Some people choose the UK as a holiday destination so they want to have a UK visa. The a2 english test is the requirement of the UK visa process british life skills. Unfortunately, some people are not confident that they can pass the exam. There are many things that you must know when it comes to this kind of exam.

First of all, you must be familiar with speaking of an a2 level exam. The spoken exam at an a2 level has four asks. There are usually two candidates in a spoken test. It means that you will be with your partner when you take a task. An interview is the first task. You get an introductory question. Aside from that, there are 3 other questions about a specific topic. You must give a short answer to each question. You must listen to the questions carefully. Furthermore, you answer the questions in your own words. You need to practice saying aloud short sentence about your family, school, hobbies, etc when you prepare for an exam.

However, you must pass the exam so you will get the result. You don’t waste your time if you pass your first-time exam. Furthermore, you can process your visa application or your UK citizenship process.

The second task of b1 English test is picture sequence. This task begins before you enter the exam room. You get a sheet with a picture sequence on it. Each sequence usually has 4 pictures and it tells a store. You can’t prepare your test within a long time because you only have ten minutes for your test preparation. It is okay if you make a note and then you take it with you into an exam room. If you have a physical dictionary, you can use it.