Different SEO Techniques For Your SEO Campaign

Do you know the popularity of atlanta seo company? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In essence, this technique is important to use because your web pages must be on the first page of search engines. In SEO, there are several techniques that you need to know. At least, there are 3 kinds of SEO techniques. Here are the kinds of SEO techniques that you need to know.

1. White Hat SEO

You can say this is the cleanest SEO technique because it follows the rules of search engines. This technique also ensures that published articles are original articles with content that matches the title. Articles are really intended for readers. It is not surprising if the article produced is interesting. It can make visitors feel at home reading and returning again later. However, white hat SEO is the content factor to make it easy to read spiders. It also has the potential to win the hearts of search engines.

2. Black Hat SEO

This is the opposite of white hat SEO technique. The method is certainly ways that violate search engine rules. Obviously, these methods are prohibited because they trick search engines.

3. Gray Hat SEO

When you read the word “Gray”, maybe your mind is directly directed to the blend of colors between “White” and “Black”. If you think so, yes, more or less like that. The Gray Hat SEO technique here is indeed a technique that combines the two techniques above. However, sometimes it does not fully use the combination of the two techniques above. There are two points in “Gray Hat SEO”: integrating, or using both but not completely. You could say this is a transformation from “White Hat SEO” to “Black Hat SEO” or “Black Hat SEO” to “White Hat SEO”. It may often be referred to as “leaving” but not leaving completely or looking for a gap between the two.

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